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Commercial - Retail
Commercial - Retail
Commercial - Retail

Commercial - Retail


Nisbet Property does more than develop a property. 


With extensive experience in real estate as well as building products and solutions, our properties are developed with innovation and insight.  Whether retail, office space, or other commercial needs, we develop it, lease it, and manage it.

617 Ohio Pike


Ohio Pike



765 Nilles Road


Fairfield Center - Nilles Road



Meijer Drive


Milford Center



9305 Montgomery


Montgomery Center



10800 Reading Road - A, D, E,F, G


Evendale Center I 



10800 Reading Road - B, C


Evendale Center II



Hosbrook Center


Hosbrook Center



Kemper Square


Kemper Square



Kenwood Plaza


Kenwood Plaza



Kenwood Retail Center


Kenwood Plaza II



Montgomery Villiage Square


Montgomery Village Square





Wetherington Center



Rookwood Pottery Building, Mount Adams


Rookwood Pottery Restaurant





8041 Hosbrook Rd, Suite 206
Cincinnati, OH 45236
PHONE: 513-984-4450
FAX: 513-984-4438
Equal Housing Opportunity 

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